Miami ISD releases statement after indictments of 3 students on sexual assault, other charges

VIDEO: Miami ISD releases statement after indictments of 3 students on sexual assault, other charges

ROBERTS COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) - Miami ISD Superintendent Donna Hale released a statement after the indictment of three students on multiple charges, including sexual assault.

According to the Canadian Record, Hale released the statement after the arrest and indictment of Tanner Cummings Miller, Rance Ely Moreno and Tristen Leo Douglas.

The students face charges ranging from indecency with a child with sexual contact and sexual assault of a child, to sexual assault and aggravated assault causing bodily injury.

Hale said the charges are related to a school bus incident that “may have involved ongoing student hazing and/or bullying” and which resulted in a student injury.

In the statement, Hale said she notified the Roberts County Sheriff’s Office which called in the Texas Rangers for assistance.

Following those investigations, their findings were turned over to 31st District Attorney Franklin McDonough, who presented them to a Roberts County grand jury on March 25.

According to the Canadian Record, the grand jury returned multiple indictments against the students who were arrested and taken to the Hemphill County Jail.

They have since been released on bond.

Below is the full statement from Superintendent Hale:

In February of this year, the District administration became aware of an incident on a school bus that resulted in a student injury and which may have involved ongoing student hazing and/or bull[y]ing. The administration immediately investigated this matter, began contacting the parents of the students involved, and apprised the Roberts County Sheriff’s Office. Law enforcement, including the Texas Rangers, conducted their own investigation into this incident. The District fully cooperated with law enforcement and received a report from Sheriff Bruce Skidmore on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, that the Roberts County grand jury returned multiple indictments against the students who were allegedly involved. The District appreciates the prompt attention and cooperation of law enforcement in this matter. Hazing and bullying are prohibited under the Miami ISD Student Code of Conduct. Immediately following the conclusion of the District’s investigation last month, disciplinary measures were implemented in accordance with policy and the Student Code of Conduct. The disciplinary actions against the offending students were designed to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future. Student safety is paramount to Miami ISD’s faculty and staff. We are fully committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all our students, including a bullying-free and hazing-free environment during extra curricular and co-curricular activities. The District has stressed this commitment to all students, and it has since hosted separate bullying awareness programs for students and the community. Also, Miami ISD has launched the “Stopit” app, so students may make anonymous reports with their mobile devices or online. The Administration has implemented other strategies with staff and faculty to promote school safety and guard against any future incidents. We know this is an ongoing process, and we will continue assess[ing] our antibullying and antihazing measures so that all our campuses and activities remain safe. I encourage anyone who suspects hazing or bullying at Miami ISD to make a report through the Stopit app, or by contacting the administration directly at 806.868.3971. Due to state and federal privacy laws, the District is prohibited from disclosing any further information concerning this specific matter and will not comment about the incident or any students involved. Further inquiries should be directed to the Roberts County.
Superintendent Donna Hale

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