Women’s webinar series will provide women with more health education

VIDEO: New women's webinar series will provide women with more information about their health

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A new women’s webinar series will be taking place for women who want more advice about the changes and challenges they face in life.

Throughout the pandemic, The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Amarillo has been providing a free webinar series called ‘Feed Your Mind’ to help provide women with more education about their health.

“We have seen a strong increase across our campuses on the attendance for these. We are encouraging women to understand how important it is they take care of themselves first and then women can turn around and take exceptional care of their family,” said Angela Knapp Eggers, senior director, Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

A professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at TTUHSC will cover information related to fertility, birth control, hormone replacement therapy, hysterectomy, depression and menopause for women ages 20 through 90.

She will also guide women on maintaining physical and emotional health.

“Some of the highlight will be things that have come to light through the pandemic like when they’ve put off annual screenings, and what makes your cardiovascular risk profile go up and how to manage stress healthy and how to manage weight loss and relationship issues that we’re all struggling with. I just want to give people some options of what they might be able to find with their physician if they went in with the right questions,” said Teresa Baker, M.D., regional chair of the TTUHSC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Baker says the goal of this webinar is to improve women’s health and encourage women to learn more about themselves so they can make informed health decisions with their doctors.

“There’s a lot of misinformation on doctor Google, so whole idea here is to just give you some facts and some real truth. I really just want to empower women with the knowledge so that they can go to their physician and have very meaningful conversations where they’re part of the decision making instead of being talked to,” said Baker.

The institute plans to start having in person seminars starting August.

The free webinar will take place early afternoon tomorrow and the chat feature will be open for participants to ask questions.

You can sign up any time before it starts. Click here to register.

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