High Plains Food Bank expands ‘Scouting for Food’ donation options

VIDEO: High Plains Food Bank expands ‘Scouting for Food’ donation options

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After cancelling collection events last year and having less Boy Scouts to canvas this spring, The High Plains Food Bank is expanding donation options for their annual Scouting for Food event.

“It’s traditionally one of our largest spring food drives and it had to be canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, but it’s back this year and the Boy Scouts made some adjustments to allow the entire community to participate,” said Tina Brohlin, director of development at HPFB.

The Boy Scouts have partnered with the People’s Federal Credit Union, placing drop off barrels at all Amarillo and Canyon branches.

“We are excited that we have added some barrel locations so if someone still wants to donate food and their neighborhood is not being covered they can do so at the High Plains Food Bank, at the Boy Scouts office, and also at any one of the three branches of the People’s Federal Credit Union,” said Brohlion. “That’s an established partnership with the Boy Scouts because they wanted to offer more options for the community to be involved this year.”

Throughout the week, Boy Scout Troops are contacting neighborhood residents about where they can leave their donations to be picked up and how to donate online.

“Now more than ever, it’s really important they incorporate components of a fund drive in addition to the food drive because their participation numbers are down,” said Brohlin.

Boy Scouts will be visiting homes requesting food and leaving flyers with lists of ways to donate.

“The Scouts will leave flyers at the doors and the next day the Scouts will come and pick up the food where they left the flyers, so folks can just leave food on their porch,” explained Michael Lopez, golden eagle district executive of Boy Scouts of America. “Scouting for Food teaches our young men and women how to make a direct impact in our community and make sure people have access to food.”

While not all neighborhoods will be visited this year, the Boy Scouts plan to canvas the Tradewinds neighborhood, Western Plateau, South Georgia, Ridgecrest, Windsor, Hillside Terrace, Greenways, Olsen Park, Comanche Trails, the City of Canyon and others.

The High Plains Food Bank’s top food needs are peanut butter, pasta and pasta sauce, boxed dinners, and canned items such as soup, vegetables and meats.

However, HPFB staff says monetary donations allow them greater flexibility.

“No donation is too small,” said Brohlin. “We can provide about six meals with every dollar and so every dollar has a significant impact. Monetary donations allow us the flexibility to buy what we need when we need it and to quickly repackage and get it on trucks. So I love that [the Boy Scouts] are changing with the times and doing what they can do best to support the food bank.”

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