‘Borger Dome’ is getting makeover as city adds first ever convention center

VIDEO: ‘Borger Dome’ is getting makeover as city adds first ever convention center

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Borger hit a milestone today in their plans to renovate the dome and build a convention center.

The dome is already home to signature events in the City and has become part of the Borger culture.

When conversations about creating an event center and revitalizing the City began almost three years ago, most community members agreed the dome had to play a key role.

So, the vision of attaching the first ever convention center in Borger to the dome was born.

However, given it was constructed in 1957 and is the oldest of its kind, they needed to make sure it would continue holding up.

They found it still has more than 60 years left in it and carried on with the project.

Nicole Callaway was born and raised in the Panhandle and is a design professional who worked on the project. To her, this is personal.

“When you get to impact their actual community so personally for all of them, it is really really inspiring to see all that and just to have that much of an outreach in your own community,” said Nichole Callaway, design professional with Parkhill.

She adds now seeing the project officially kickoff is exciting.

The plans for the dome include replacing the floor, curtain wall, electrical system and adding air conditioner.

Along with that, the convention center will include a multipurpose event room and a new parking lot.

The mayor is also excited as she says this adds to the growth they have been pushing for in the City.

“With us being so industrial motivated in our city, you know they won’t have to find other places to have their meeting and things, they can use the dome and the convention center,” said Mayor of Borger, Karen Felker “There are just going to be so many events that can be done here and you know we are hoping for concerts.”

They hope the convention center will host a wide variety of events and make Borger a destination for people from all over the Panhandle.

Felker adds that for years money was a limiting factor.

But, after working with the community, they were able to secure the funds and carry on with their vision without raising taxes.

Construction is now underway and the project is expected to be completed January of next year.

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