Postpartum depression and anxiety support series for mothers will be available at NWTHS

Here is what the program will offer.

VIDEO: Postpartum depression and anxiety support series for mothers coming soon to NWTHS

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - New mothers experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety will soon be able to join a free 6-week support series lead by licensed clinicians from Northwest Texas Healthcare System.

The program will take moms through lessons on being first time mothers, offer self-reported screening tools, provide cognitive behavioral therapy coping mechanisms, all to assist the new parents through the many changes they are experiencing.

“One in seven moms actually experience some type of postpartum depression and anxiety. A lot of times that goes unnoticed and so this is the first time we’re being more reactive then proactive. So, it’s offering this to moms before we even become affected by the symptoms. They may recognize it they may see it, but now they actually have something that they can hold on to and guide them through it,” said Gina Rejino, behavioral health therapist, The Pavilion at Northwest Texas Healthcare System.

She says sometimes moms feel isolated, confused or are concerned if they are giving the right care to their child. So, this will give them an opportunity to learn from professionals and connect with other moms dealing with the same concerns.

“I think what we’ll see hopefully is obviously a decline in mothers who are experiencing untreated postpartum depression and anxiety, the cognitive behavioral tools are going to be a necessity. Sometimes medication is its necessity, sometimes you know, other treatments are necessities but it just gives the opportunity for that holistic care,” said Rejino.

Each week will focus on a different aspect of navigating through motherhood:

  • Week one will focus on the changes from being an individual to a mother.
  • Week two will be about understanding treatment options.
  • Week three will teach the mother about coping tools to help through new emotions she is facing.
  • Week four will focus on transitioning from partner to parents.
  • Week five, mothers will learn how to connect with their baby in a healthy way while healing.
  • Week six will end with creative expression, mothers will create their own vision of healing through creative arts.

“I think finally we’ve been able to nail down a way to offer this actually over in the child birth center. They’ve created their own group and everything. Like this is definitely a big priority for them that you know, we see these maternal health issues that come up and they’re trying to proactively address them,” said Rejino.

If mothers still need ongoing support at the end of the six weeks, the clinicians will be able to provide them with other resources so the care doesn’t have to end after the program is over.

This is available for any mother who is within her first year of giving birth.

Sessions are every Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. and will begin April 21. Sessions are expected to last 45 minutes to one hour.

Every three weeks, another session will start to give mothers continued opportunities.

You can register here.

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