Clovis Regional Airport’s new 50-passenger regional jet to Denver officially in service

The airport is making progress on all projects.

VIDEO: Clovis Regional Airport adding 50-passenger regional jet, officially in service

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Clovis Regional Airport’s new 50 passenger regional jet is now in service.

This is just one of the many additions the airport has been making.

TSA will be in service by June first so passengers flying to Denver can hop right on to their connecting flight.

The construction will be complete by the end of this week and then they will start bringing in all the equipment.

“They’re working to get an airline connection agreement where the passengers who fly with Denver Air Connection, their bags get right on to the next aircraft,” said James Harris, airport director at Clovis Regional Airport.

They are also working with the New Mexico Department of Transportation to possibly add service to Dallas or Albuquerque.

“The state of New Mexico just passed a Rural Air Enhancement Act which would allow small communities like Clovis to fly in to other areas. We were looking at using that to get to Dallas or maybe Albuquerque. We’ll know about the new flights once the inter-service agreement is signed with the airlines,” said Harris.

Some other projects include repaving the south side of taxiway alpha which will be completed by next week.

They have also started an airport lighting project to make it brighter at night for pilots to see.

In addition to those projects they are working on an airport fencing project, adding additional space in the facility, offering pilots the ability to self-serve their fuel, have started a lighting project for the parking ramp and air craft hangers, and will start to pave their parking lot by the end of this week.

The new regional jet is now the biggest jet they have, so they are able to fly more passengers in and out of Clovis.

Harris hopes the new regional jet will bring in more people and business to the city.

“The Denver Air Connection flew in the ERJ 145, the 50-passenger aircraft. They flew it in last night and they left this morning with passengers. The aircraft comes in three times a day. It takes off in the morning, comes back in the afternoon and comes back at night,” said Harris.

Harris says it could take about three more months to have everything finished.

You can also visit their website or Facebook page for other updates.

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