Amarillo’s new film studio creates debut program for kids, features local businesses

VIDEO: Amarillo’s new film studio creates debut program for kids, features local businesses

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo’s newest film studio, Sharpened Iron Studios, recently completed filming their debut program Toolie Tech.

Toolie Tech is a faith-based children’s program that teaches kids how to use various tools.

“We wanted to create a children’s program that had a faith element to it, but isn’t a program where you sit your kids in front of the TV and your child is [just] vegged out. We wanted to teach them something...that with a little bit of faith and the right tool, nothing’s impossible,” said Chief Executive Officer of Sharpened Iron Studios, Sean Doherty.

Toolie Tech consists of 10 episodes with different businesses highlighted throughout individual episodes.

In each episode, Toolie visits a different area organization such as the Amarillo Zoo, Don Harrington Discovery Center, Bell and The Botanical Gardens to fix something that is broken.

Sharpened Iron Studios says this was done to promote the city of Amarillo nationwide.

“We want to draw people into a downtown that’s really starting to grow and become vibrant and has a dynamic future,” explained Doherty. “We really want to draw a lot of attention to Amarillo. We want people to say, ‘hey lets go see where Toolie fixed the duck pond or where Toolie fixed the dinosaur or where Toolie learned how to pull electric wire from one of our local electrical contractors.’”

The Don Harrington Discovery Centers says they are thrilled to be apart of the series.

“It’s always fun working with local partners,” said Kyle Hadley, director of education and exhibits for DHDC. “It’s going to highlight the community and it’s going to be so much fun seeing what’s produced. Kids and families can see [the program] and say, ‘hey I go there!’ And things they see on TV are so much more real if they know that’s in their home town.”

Sharpened Iron Studios is also working to create merchandise and activity kits that coincide with the program.

“Each episode has a its own activity kit that can be downloaded off of the website for free that follows along with what Toolie fixed,” explained Doherty.

Currently in post-production with the first episode complete, Sharpened Iron Studios aims to have the entire series finished by the end of April.

The studio then hopes to either sign with a distribution company or release the series themselves on YouTube by June.

“We’re very blessed to have multiple options and avenues we can go with Toolie,” said Doherty. “Do we keep it in house for an entire season and build up a following and then sign a distribution deal or do we convince a distributor on he front end that this is a solid hit and worth while?”

Sharpened Iron Studios says all distribution options would promote Amarillo to a national, and possibly world-wide, audience.

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