Amarillo High sweeps team District 3-5A track meet, Tascosa’s Everhart shows off his major speed

Major Everhart runs 10.5 second 100 meter dash

VIDEO: Amarillo High sweeps team District 3-5A track meet, Tascosa's Everhart shows off his major speed

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The District 3-5A two-day track meet featured some of the top sprinters in the Texas Panhandle. Tascosa junior Major Everhart held his own in the 100 meter dash, clocking in at 10.5 seconds. Palo Duro Lady Dons 4x200 meter relay took the gold at 1:46.18, followed close behind by Amarillo High. The Sandies made the podium all meet securing the team championship for the boys and girls.

Tascosa three-star junior running back Major Everhart is proving to be a major force on the track. He won the District 3-5A 100 meter dash, clocking a time of 10.5 seconds. His goal is to get faster and advance to his first state meet.

The Lady Dons 4x200 meter relay, represented by Lebree Henly, Joyce Wesley, Juantai Williams and Cecilia Udoh finished first with a time of 1:46.18. They were followed close behind by the Amarillo High Lady Sandies at 1:46.32.

“We want to beat our best time, every time. We are going to get faster as we go along. We really do appreciate our coaches. They really do work hard for us. We come to practice, do what they tell us to do. It does feel good to run track for PD,” said the Lady Dons relay team.


Boys: 1) Amarillo High, 2) Tascosa, 3) Randall, 4) Palo Duro, 5) Plainview, 6) Caprock

Girls: 1) Amarillo High, 2) Randall, 3) Tascosa, 4) Palo Duro, 5) Caprock, 6) Plainview

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