Lady Sandies’ unique roster, featuring twin sisters, strengthens bond going into playoffs

Amarillo High to face Lubbock Coronado in Regional Quarterfinals

VIDEO: Lady Sandies' unique roster, featuring twin sisters, strengthens bond going into playoffs

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Regional Quarterfinals kickoff this Friday for high school soccer, including Amarillo High. The Lady Sandies have a unique roster and good chemistry that has helped their teamwork this postseason. The Lady Sandies are back in the Regional Quarterfinals for the first time since 2018, looking for revenge against class 5A rival Lubbock Coronado.

“I think if we play well in the center-mid and control the ball. I think we are going to do very well,” said Amarillo High Head Coach Stacey McPherson.

This Amarillo roster is special because it combines multiple local club teams. Plus, it features two sets of twins.

“They’re all talented players and you know they’re very likeable on the team and very positive,” said McPherson. “They’re a great addition even though I get them mixed up a lot.”

“I don’t think there’s one time in film where she said our name, but it’s fine. Even our teammates that we’ve been playing with forever have still called us the wrong name,” said Amarillo High junior defensive back Makenlie Hooks. “Today when we were mic’d up they just called me Kenna, but it’s fine.”

The identical Hooks sisters’ bond is even stronger this season now that they both play defensive back.

“This is my first year being centerback, because we used to both be wingers and then I was forward for most of my soccer career,” said Amarillo High junior defensive back Makenna Hooks.

“Most people talk about it, and we still talk about it but we don’t really need to because we have that connection that we know what we’re doing before we even do it,” said Makenlie Hooks.

Twins are rare on rosters, and the Lady Sandies have two sets. The fraternal Gomez sisters do not play the same position, but they know how to help each other succeed.

“When me and Viviana play on the same side I know how she works, so I think we work really good together when she’s on my side,” said Kiana Gomez.

“She kind of knows what I can do at my best ability and so she’s constantly critiquing me,” said Viviana Gomez. “Trying to make me a better player.”

The entire roster treats everyone like sisters, and that’s how they look to make a deep playoff run.

“This year has been so much fun because they work hard and try to get better everyday,” said McPherson.

The Lady Sandies face Lubbock Coronado tomorrow, April 2 for the class 5A Regional Quarterfinals. Kickoff is set for 5 p.m. at Lowrey Field at PlainsCapital Park in Lubbock. Amarillo High is also holding a send-off on Friday at 1 p.m. to wish the girls good luck.

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