‘Just come home’: Family of Amarillo missing woman asks community for help

The Search Continues: Family of Amarillo missing woman asks community for help

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The search for Brianna Gilbert continues. Saturday her family and friends came together to pray at Plains Dairy on N. Taylor where she was last seen four days ago.

Brianna Gilbert’s family has spent days worried and concerned over her safety after she disappeared on Tuesday evening during a break from her shift at Plains Dairy.

Surveillance video shows Gilbert walking to the Plains Dairy parking lot just before 8:00 p.m.

Reports indicate, coworkers may have seen the 22-year-old talking with an Hispanic male in the parking lot around the same time.

“I’ve been waiting to pick her up every day,” said Seriah Magallanes, Brianna Gilbert’s partner.

At around 8:17 p.m. that night, Gilbert send a text to her partner saying ‘I love you.’

After that, she stopped responding to calls and text messages.

“I texted her, nothing,” said Magallanes. “I called her multiple times, nothing.”

“She has a 30 minute break, she didn’t return back to work to complete her shift that evening,” said Randall County Sergeant Byron Towndrow, who has been investigating the case. “Brianna only has the clothes on her back.”

The couple have two daughter’s and Magallanes says Gilbert seemed excited for Easter.

“They were crying, they were saying they miss her, they loved her, they just want her to come home,” said Magallanes.

According Gilbert’s mom, Brianna does not have a driver’s license and that night she left her wallet at home.

“She has no money, she has no ID, she has nothing,” said Misty Lynch, Gilbert’s mom. “This isn’t like her not to reach out, just come home.”

Friday, the family handed out flyers in hopes of clues of Gilbert’s whereabouts.

They hold on to the hope that she will be found safe.

If you have any information about Brianna’s whereabouts call the Randall County Sheriff’s Office at the number (806) 468-5858.

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