GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shows how a new house will show comfort to a new family

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shows how a new house will show comfort to a new family

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - When a child is admitted to a hospital in another city, family life can be disrupted and the comforts of home left behind.

A new house in town offers a home setting for people in that situation.

In a brand new house, this story is all about the warmth and comforts that a home can provide.

“Forty years ago, there were some very thoughtful people in Amarillo & the Panhandle. Who knew that families were going to have to travel to Amarillo seeking medical care for their child, particularly specialized medical care,” said Shelley Cunningham.

Recently however structural issues made it necessary to build a new house, made possible by generous donations totaling nearly four million dollars.

“2019 We broke ground, and so we were able to begin building this new house, on exactly the same property in the same spot that the original house was built,” said Shelley.

The new house is right on schedule and will house its first family very soon.

I asked Luke how long ago was it that this house was was just dirt and we were only doing the ground breaking work.

“That was right at one year ago and even with COVID we were able to stay on track to open up in our targeted time so it’s been fantastic. We look at being able to have the first families welcomed here in the next couple of weeks,” said Luke.

And the stories of blessing coming from the house will continue.

“We stayed here a couple of years ago when this guy was born. He was three months early so he ended up staying in the NICU for about three months,” said Jeremy Rice.

-”There’s no way we could have gone back and forth to the Fritch, 45 minutes away, and Cade was critical for a while. We were able to keep some semblance of a family,” said Katherine Rice.

“This is one of our beach themed rooms, we went with kind of a New England Cape Cod feel for this room, and this would be able to serve a family of up to four. We really wanted to hit home with our mission of keeping families close with this new house so we designed it purposefully, so that all of the guest suites have windows open up out onto the hospitals and families can see where their kids are sleeping at night,” said Shelley.

With this brand new house, the Ronald McDonald House will be able to provide the families, decades to come.

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