New Amarillo fire station number 5 complete, new features to improve response time

VIDEO: Amarillo's new fire station number 5 complete

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo’s new fire station number five is finally complete and today we received a first look inside the finished building.

This is the last of three new fire stations in Amarillo being built. Fire station three and nine are the most recent new fire houses in Amarillo and this one will closely resemble those, but there are also some unique features this one will offer that others do not.

The layout of the facility is specially designed in a way for firefighters to get to their trucks more quickly.

“A special architect came in who specializes in fire stations. So, he was able to design it where it’s more efficient, we can get to the trucks quicker. When a call comes in, we can get to the trucks faster than some of the way our old stations were designed,” said Cody Snyder, PIO captain for Amarillo Fire Department.

The station will include more room and technology compared to some other stations in the area.

“This building has a lot more technology in it, integrated into it. It also, we got some outside architects to design these with our guys in mind whereas in the past they might not have thought of some of the things. Like for example, we have sort of a warm zone and a hot zone set up for our guys to leave their gear in and wash their gear without bringing it in to the station. And that was never something that we had before,” said Jeff Justus, Amarillo Fire Department’s community liaison.

A unique feature this station offers are the two traditional poles so firefighters can get to the ground level faster. This is the second fire station in the history of Amarillo to have these poles.

The other station that has them is the station located in downtown Amarillo.

“This one has the plymo vents which will pull diesel exhaust out of the truck rooms for us. It’ll help us not be exposed to that as much. It has a separate room for our turnout gear so it’s not sitting here saturated with diesel exhaust. These new doors, they’re safer, they’re better. They open and close automatically. They don’t get weak and fall down in front of the truck as we’re trying to exist the station,” said Snyder.

It also has a turnout locker room where they keep their gear after responding to calls. It is important the gear stays in there to help reduce the exposure of the dangerous chemicals it may hold.

“This was necessary for our guys and this gives them more room. We’ve added another company, so now we’ll have two trucks running out of here. It also enabled us to move our Hazmat Team here and traditionally our Hazmat Team was broken into two crews across town from each other and they would swap out from month to month the Hazmat Unit, but now they’re all going to be housed together,” said Justus.

It will also include a lounge area, kitchen, four bedrooms, two co-ed locker rooms, a gym, tornado shelter and more.

A total of 24 firefighters will be stationed here, eight on each shift.

They expect to start responding to calls out of the new station starting this Saturday.

If you’d like more information about the new station, click here.

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