Amarillo churches prepare for in-person Easter Sunday services

Amarillo churches prepare for in-person Easter Sunday services
Churches prepare for Easter (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Churches in Amarillo are preparing to celebrate Easter weekend after many had to cancel in-person services last year due to COVID-19.

“It’s been a long lent,” said Father Anthony C Neusch, director at St. Mary’s Cathedral. “We’ve been preparing for Easter for two years.”

This Sunday, pastors expect pews to be full and social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines will be in place in case of large crowds.

“We’re not doing six feet and we’re not skipping pews any longer, but we are still trying to keep some distance in between families as much as possible,” said father Neusch. “Everyone wears a mask during services, we’re also not receiving from the cup at this time.”

Others who have also implemented changes to communion are the Central Church of Christ.

According to their senior minister, they will be distributing individually packed communion.

One that usually has a festival around Easter is Tradewind Community Church.

When the pandemic hit, they took services from the Tradewind Elementary School cafeteria to the parking lot.

This Sunday, they will have services at the park behind the school and will hand out Easter baskets to around 40 kids in the community.

“Not just have to stay in our cars or in the parking lot but open it up, so people can walk in and just be in the park for church on that Sunday,” said Brad Newman, pastor at Tradewind Community Church. “Kind of a special day.”

Typically, churches have special plays and performances, but this year things will be low key.

At St. John Baptist Church and Carter Chapel Primitive Baptist, Easter Sunday services will be normal.

However, pastors say social distance will be implemented.

One small church that’s doing something completely different this year it’s Christian Lighthouse.

“It will be a beautiful event, churches need to come together,” said pastor Carlos at Christian Lighthouse.

For Sunday’s service they’re partnering with Final Hope and No Boundaries ministries.

“We’re expecting like 300, 400, 500 people. We are already ready,” said pastor Carlor. “Three churches getting together and even more you know; I believe it’s going to be a big impact.”

While many of the churches have not gone back to pre-pandemic attendance, this Sunday could mark the return to church as normal for many.

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