Neighbors react to shooting in Northeast Amarillo that left 1 man dead

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Neighbors of the man who was killed near North Grand Street and Northeast 34th Avenue say he was shot in his home.

One of Trever Riley’s neighbors, Kasandra Aragon, says her father was approached by a woman that night who asked him for a ride home.

“He saw a lady just leave the house, and of course we didn’t think nothing of it, but she came up to him for a ride, and it was very suspicious,” said Aragon. “And two days later, we find out there was a murder and now we’re just thinking, ‘Was she part of it? Was she involved?’”

Aragon says her father declined to give her a ride home and made a statement to police.

Although they were neighbors, Aragon says she never knew Riley.

“I’ve been here for my whole life and I can tell you these neighbors, but I’ve never met that man,” said Aragon. “But you can tell there was suspicious activity going on. I know that the neighbor had said that after they found the body, late that night, there was cars just being really suspicious coming through our alleys, and that’s when we called APD.”

Another neighbor, Guadalupe Soto, said they saw Riley pacing back and forth along the street about two weeks before he was found dead.

“We’ve seen the young man walking back and forth here every now and then, but we never talked to him or anything,” said Soto.

They said they believe Riley was new to the neighborhood and moved into the house a few months ago.

“There was always a lot of cars around the area, but you know, we didn’t know,” said Soto.

Soto’s wife says she recognizes the three suspects.

Police have arrested two out of the three suspects at this time.

Ricky Lee Peebles is still on the run. If you see him or know where he may be, do not approach him and call police as quickly as possible at (806) 378-3038.

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