Dumas shooting victim’s family says arrest is ‘step in the right direction’ for justice

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After weeks of investigation a family believes they can now start healing after the Dumas Police Department arrested a suspect in a fatal shooting.

Alejandra Urbina has been charged with murder and tampering with evidence, in connection with a fatal shooting that ended with the life of 51-year-old Johnny Villegas.

Police found the victim with a gunshot wound on March 6, after responding to a domestic violence call at this residence.

“They actually got the person and that’s what the family wanted,” said Sylvester Villegas, victim’s brother.

The Chief of Police describes the case as complex and says it required an extensive investigation.

Although this has given the victim’s family some peace of mind, there are still many questions.

“We wanna’ know what happened there with everybody else in the house as well,” said Misty Villegas, victim’s niece. “But it’s like I told my father, we just have to wait and see what the Dumas Police Department it’s going to do.”

When we first spoke with the family, they said the incident took place after an argument between Villegas, his wife and the suspect.

Although the family says this is not over yet, they all agree on feeling relieved.

“Finally make sure my dad gets the justice he deserves and finally put this behind us,” said Vanessa Villegas, victim’s daughter.

“We know that they have someone in custody and yes, we can start the healing process,” said the victim’s brother.

Police are still waiting for a few lab results before additional court proceedings can take place.

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