Amarillo mom named March of Dimes ambassador, shares story of her now 8-year-old daughter

VIDEO: Amarillo mom named March of Dimes ambassador, shares story of her now 8-year-old daughter

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Every year more than 50 thousand woman reportedly face pregnancy complications.

Among those is Colby Barrow, a local women who’s water broke too early and she had to give birth to her daughter at only 24 weeks and one day.

Colby’s daughter Livi, weighed one pound and six ounces when she was born. To put that in perspective, a block of butter or regular sized pineapple weighs about the same.

And to make matters worse, she immediately began battling respiratory distress syndrome, broncho-pulmonary displasia, anemia and other health issues. This led to her spending the first four months of her life in the hospital.

“The neonatologist said there’s nothing more we can do for your baby. This is all we have, she is on the strongest vent, in the highest settings, and now it is up to her. So we prayed more, and we prayed harder, and she got better,” said Colby Barrow, Livi’s mom and the Amarillo ambassador for March of Dimes.

Barrow says she visited multiple times a day, but it was still very hard to go home without her.

In the NICU, they have touch times, so you can only touch the baby every couple of hours.

Livi is now a bright, funny, and strong eight year old girl.

Barrow says she knows how lucky she is to have her, and having made it through it all.

She adds the research by March of Dimes is what helped Livi develop her lungs, and is now why they are involved with the organization.

Similarly, Nancy Zamora who now leads the local chapter, also had a premature baby.

“And so, for that reason my son Erik was able to do rotary breathing, per our pediatrician recommended, to strengthen up his lungs. It is a factor of the March of Dimes research, which is a huge reason he is alive today,” said Nancy Zamora, Donor Development Manager at March of Dimes.

Her son is now 20 and is a collegiate athlete and made All American.

Zamora adds in the past couple of months they have noticed an increase in premature births at the local level.

They say this could be due to an increase in stress from COVID-19 which highlights how important is it to continue funding research and programs for families going through this journey.

Their joint campaign with United Markets called ‘Pep Up Rally’ kicked off today, but they are still signing up teams to get involved with their fundraising events.

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