Person of interest identified in connection with a series of burglaries in Hereford

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -Thanks to video surveillance and help from the community, law enforcement has identified a person of interest in connection with a series of burglaries in Hereford.

The incidents occurred Tuesday night and one of the places broken into was the Humane Society of DSC.

“We’ve been here for almost six years and we never had an issue,” said Rodney Penton, vice president of Humane Society of DSC.

Wednesday morning, Penton went to the shelter to deliver food when he found busted windows and glass everywhere.

“The TV was gone, the place was a mess,” said Penton. “Papers thrown everywhere, we have a donation box that had some money in it that was stolen.”

Although it may not seem like much, Penton says volunteers felt disheartened.

“It was just completely heart breaking and devastating, because we’re 100 percent nonprofit,” said Shelby Kyle, volunteer. “Like Rodney said, we’re volunteers, it’s our money, is the community’s money so, for somebody to just come and take that away from us.”

The Deaf Smith County Sheriff says the shelter is one of three places broken into the same night.

“The fact that they knew we had a TV like, they knew where the side window was and how that door operated,” said Kyle. “It makes you feel like it was someone who had been here before, which is even worse.”

Evidence gathered so far, indicates the same person is tied to incidents occurred at Mr. Burger and a Cotton Gin.

“We do have a person of interest and we’re trying to get him in and interview him,” said J.Dale Butler, Deaf Smith County sheriff. “We do have other video evidence that is tying that suspect to that.”

Because the investigation is still ongoing, the sheriff is not sharing information about the person of interest.

Although volunteers continue to be in shock about what happen, they are happy with the community’s response.

“The community shared our post like 600 times and like 20 thousand people saw,” said Kyle. “The donations and volunteers just poured in, I was like this is why we do it.”

The shelter is not thinking of installing a security system and is asking for the community’s help, whether with monetary donations or as a volunteer.

If you would like to help, contact the shelter at (806) 363-6499 or send an email at

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