Maverick Boys and Girls club opens new site at Bivins Elementary School

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo’s Maverick Boys and Girls Club opened its fifth location at Bivins Elementary School.

There, the nonprofit serves dozens of children, ages five to 11.

After several parents expressed wanting an after-school program on campus, Bivins Elementary School knew it had to take action.

“I know what is like when you are working full-time and have trouble finding quality childcare,” said R.J. Soleyjacks, principal at Bivins Elementary School.

Because around 80 percent of the school is on free or reduced lunch, the school wanted to make sure the program was affordable. After three years in the making, they finally got to open an after-school program in partnership with the Maverick Club.

“Coming in we had a mission that we wanted to serve as many kids as possible,” said Summer McCampbell, compliance director at Maverick Boys and Girls Club.

The program offers a supervised place for kids to go after school and it works in partnership with the High Plains Food Bank to provide a hot meal for students.

“We think that a full belly is just going to help make their day a lot easier and then we go right into homework,” said McCampbell. “Let’s get the homework out of the way so we can get to the fun. Then we go into the activities we have planned for them like STEM projects, robotics, cooking, we even have a cake club.”

“They’re staying until 6:30 p.m. here so that allows that working parent to be able to work a full day,” said Soleyjacks. “Get quality care after school and know that their child has eaten, their homework is done so when they get home, they get to be a family.”

The registration fee is $65 for the rest of the year.

Due to pandemic guidelines they are only serving 40 children.

The school hopes that for the next school year they can go up to 60 children.

“I just really wanted to be able to support working families, single-parent households just with quality experience for their kids,” said Soleyjacks.

There are still slots open.

For more information on the Maverick Club after school programs, to donate or become a volunteer, visit here.

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