Six Pack Outdoors almost finished 6-and-a-half-mile trail system in Borger

Here’s how it will benefit the community.
The new 6-and-a-half-mile trail in Borger at Johnson Park is almost complete, but there are...
The new 6-and-a-half-mile trail in Borger at Johnson Park is almost complete, but there are still some things to be done.(KFDA)
Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 6:34 PM CDT
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BORGER, Texas (KFDA) - The nonprofit Six Pack Outdoors is getting closer to completing a brand new six-and-a-half-mile trail system in Borger at Johnson Park.

They’ve completed five and a half miles of the trail so far and will complete the last mile this weekend. They’ve been working on this trail since December.

The organization still has one more loop to build to complete the trail system, install several bridges and add crushed concrete to spread over the trail.

They expect all of that to be completed within two months but the trail is already open to whoever wants to use it.

“This is an opportunity for people all around the Panhandle to come over but also to benefit our residents. And our vision statement is to use our position as the Panhandles industrial leader to become a desired destination in the Panhandle. So, we like to think that projects like these get everyone involved and really benefit everybody possible as well as probably attract some people here,” said Marisa Montoya, communications manager for the city of Borger.

“Funding was a challenge at first, but week by week we see more people showing up,” said Jess Heredia, owner and operator of Jesse’s Pizza Company.

They have partnered with Philips 66, Nutrien and the Fairly Foundation in Borger to help fund the project, and it was easy to get locals on board.

“Our volunteers have really helped to make this happen. We’ve had 30, 40 or more volunteers each day. We’ve worked hard with our volunteers, local Fire Department to come in and clear out brush, and trees and trash and debris that we found all over the property,” said Chris Podzemny, community health ambassador for the Fairly Foundation.

The trails are made for hikers, bikers, trail runners, dog walkers and anyone who wants to get out and enjoy it.

Those involved hope this will ultimately attract more people to Borger.

“These amenities will hopefully inspire them to not just work here but possibly move here and grow the population,” said Heredia.

Six Pack Outdoors is also working on installing an additional 15 miles of trail at the Rick Klein Sports Complex in Amarillo and maintaining and developing the Medipark Loop Trail.

They are also looking at other properties around the Panhandle for more possible trails.

For updates on projects visit their Facebook page.

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