Amarillo wrecker service responding to many emergency calls due to weather

Only responding to law enforcement calls today.

VIDEO: Amarillo wrecker service only responding to emergency calls today with bad weather

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - T-Miller Wrecker Service has been very busy today, towing wrecked vehicles out of the snow all over Amarillo.

Today they are only responding to law enforcement calls because of the high demand for their services in the dangerous weather.

“Terrible, it’s not so slick, it’s the visibility and the slush. A lot of people in the ditch,” said David Thompson, wrecker driver for T-Miller Wrecker Service in Amarillo.

“A lot of times cars sitting in the ditch, and in weather like this it’s not very safe to sit in there for hours in a cold car. So, most of them are wrecks, some of them involved a semi. Earlier today we pulled a car out from under a trailer,” said Thompson.

When the weather gets like this, the company only responds to calls from the Amarillo Police Department, State Troopers, Randall and Potter County Sheriff’s Office’s for safety reasons.

Today they had up to 20 law enforcement calls at once waiting for assistance.

“We have to do law enforcement first and foremost to clean the highways off and get them safe. Broke down, flats, lockouts, those kinds of things are going to have to wait until the weather clears up,” said Geni Rogers, owner of T-Miller Wrecker Service in Amarillo.

The white out conditions earlier today made their job even more difficult.

“White out is when we’ve got the snow that we have and then the wind blows as hard as it does, you can’t see past the hood of your vehicle. That’s really rough on trucks,” said Rogers.

Our next call involved a wreck that happened today on the interstate involving a tractor trailer, semi and car.

“When we get the cars loaded up and everything we go back and talk to the officers, ‘okay everything is cleaned up, do you need anything else?’ You know, make sure everything’s good to go before we actually leave so we don’t have to go back,” said Thompson.

Thompson says the worst areas he saw today was I-40 westbound coming into town and Highway 60 out by Tyson with many cars in ditches.

He also says around 9:00 and 10:00 this morning traffic was backed up for miles on I-40.

“It’s just minor fender benders I don’t think anybody’s been seriously injured. There’s sometimes I mean you got to block the whole intersection off and you just have to work quick and efficient,” said Thompson.

The owner of T-Miller Wrecker Service says they expect to spend the rest of the week responding to calls from today and will start taking care of the non-emergency calls tomorrow.

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