Weekend storm causes damage to many homes near Lake Greenbelt

VIDEO: Many homes damaged near Greenbelt Lake from weekend storm

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Today the Amarillo National Weather Service confirmed eight tornadoes tore through parts of the Texas Panhandle on Saturday.

Some people who live near Lake Greenbelt near Howardwick experienced a lot of damage to their homes after an EF-2 tornado tore through the area.

It traveled from Clarendon to Howardwick with peak winds between 115 to 120 miles per hour, damaging homes trailers, boats, boat docks and more at the A and B park of the lake.

“The next day tears flowed, I’m just happy my son is alive,” said Judy Kuehl, owner of home damaged in Lake Greenbelt.

The Kuehl family has already started to rebuild their house after the tornado damaged their home and collapsed their roof. They are thankful for the support from the community as many friends and family have been helping clean, repair and rebuild their home.

“We’re very fortunate, my son was here and rode out the tornado. Thank God he is still alive. They drove up to the marina and got behind a concrete wall the best they could,” said Kuehl.

Rabern Rentals, Advanced Pavement Maintenance and Brothers and Sisters of our Military Adventures have all donated equipment to help this family rebuild their home.

Kuehl says it will take about a year to repair the damages from this week’s storm.

“A lot of people have been coming together and helping each other out, you know. I’m just really grateful for that,” said Darrell Durham, owner of home damaged in Lake Greenbelt.

Durham and his father say if it were not for their tornado shelter, they would not be alive as they believe the EF-2 tornado traveled right over them.

“We just sat it out and we heard the thing go over us and its pretty emotional for me, but anyway. After I got out of the shelter and started walking around, I could see the destruction that happened,” said Durham.

“I would like to say that if you hear a tornado warning or they say take shelter, they mean to take shelter. This shelter right here saved me and my dad’s life,” said Durham.

The Donley County Sheriff’s Office also reported minor damage within the city limits of Clarendon.

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If you’d like to give to Brothers-Sisters of our Military Adventures to help veterans, first responders, and their families affected by this storm, click here.

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