GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave interviews up and coming young meteorologist


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Like all weather forecasters, Collin Covington looks over a great amount of weather data before he finalizes his forecast and then presents his weather cast on camera.

Unlike many forecasters in our area, Collin is a 4th grader.

With his brother, first grader Cameron, working behind the scenes, Collin regularly prepares the seven day forecast by collecting data and organizing the outlook.

He then delivers a weather presentation on camera to post on the web. I met Collin today and we immediately connected as only a couple of weather nerds can.

“I’ve been interested in weather since I was eight or so. Not too long ago I started doing my own weather forecast. The weather in Amarillo is always very interesting. In the Springtime, there is lots of rain and it’s tornado season, especially since we are in Tornado Alley,” said Collin.

I was certainly passionate about weather at this age. Collin is much more advanced than I was, and he even has his own weather website.

I asked Collin to describe his website.

“This is my website. It’s called Collin’s Weather Wonders. And it’s full of weekly challenges that involve weather, and there’s also all my weather videos,” said Collin.

“He started off when he was younger and he was scared of severe weather. So he grew up watching you guys on Channel 10, and just really understanding the storm and what was happening, and then that made the fear go away, but it developed the interest,” said Katie Covington.

I had the opportunity to coach Collin with a few tips and saw some real talent potential.

If Collin does indeed pursue TV weather as a career, he may just find a spot on our First Alert Weather Team.

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