The Salvation Army of Amarillo launches ‘Adopt a Room’ program

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Salvation Army of Amarillo is on a mission to provide a more comfortable stay for homeless families in need.

“We have living spaces for families that feel very sheltered feeling,” said “We want to try and take the stigma out of being homeless,” said Major Ernest Hull, commanding officer for The Salvation Army of Amarillo.

The nonprofit is inviting individuals, organizations and groups to consider adopting a family dwelling, which usually consists of two or three rooms with private bathrooms.

“Making it feel more like home, so that when a child is in that space that they don’t feel much as if they are in a homeless shelter as they are in an apartment,” said Major Hull.

The nonprofit currently has 10 family rooms.

When adopting a living space, individuals or organizations are free to furnish and decorate as they want.

Options include, but are not limited to Painting, hanging pictures, providing new bedding, furniture, towels and other accessories.

“Everything will stay there,” said Quintin Marquez, public relations manager at The Salvation Army of Amarillo. “Residents will be able to come in and live there for however long they need but once they leave, they leave the room the way it is. It’s a great thing to have everything ready for the next family.”

The goal is to have these families stay temporarily while getting them ready for their next chapter through the 30-day program.

“We try to get their immediate house or an ID, whatever the next step is for those individuals,” said Marquez. “We try to do case work with those individuals within 30 days.”

Adopt a room has been put in place in other cities like New Orleans.

If you are interested in adopting a room, you can contact The Salvation Army at (806) 373-6631 or go to 400 S Harrison St. and ask for Major Nelson or Quintin Marquez.

Monetary donations are also accepted.

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