Communities share COVID-19 vaccine to prevent any doses from being wasted

Updated: Mar. 10, 2021 at 9:58 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Wednesday the state announced the third vaccine category also known as Phase1C includes individuals at least 50 years of age. They will be able to receive the vaccine starting Monday.

This tier opening is in part a result of more vaccine being available. But, as supply grows, more providers are also sharing allocations.

A local Walgreens had 400 doses ready to be used but no one to give them to. In order to not waste doses, they decided to call Amarillo College and see if they could use them.

AC took the vaccine and immediately sent out a school wide notification. A couple hours later, they had administered all of them.

Meanwhile, the Hereford Health Department has also been making calls to see what surrounding communities needed doses.

The Hart School Based Health Center in Castro County answered the call and received 60 doses of the Moderna vaccine.

“Well right now, it was the only way we can get vaccine. We were approved as a vaccine provider and we have ordered but we just haven’t gotten a shipment from the state,” said Retta Knox, director at the PFRHA - Hart School Based Health Center “So, this was a way we could began to get people vaccinated locally.”

Knox adds she has been requesting vaccine from the state for six weeks now and has not been able to obtain any.

For now, Hereford will continue helping and is send another 60 doses for those individuals to receive their second shot and will send 100 additional first doses.

“People are so appreciative, because we have a lot of older folks and they basically have not received theirs yet,” said Knox “Because they were not physically able to stand in line, a lot of them don’t drive anymore, so we did a lot of the older population.”

Similarly, Amarillo Public Health Director Casie Stoughton, addressed people from out of the Amarillo area receiving the vaccine here.

“One of those pieces is to vaccinate people regardless of where they live. As a hub this is everyone’s vaccine and we are certainly happy to serve in that capacity,” said Stoughton.

Stoughton adds the city continues to receive a weekly allocation of five thousand doses.

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