New traffic light on Soncy Road and Perry Ave activating soon, construction may impact travel

You can expect the new traffic lights on Soncy Street and Perry Avenue to start activation Monday the 22nd.
Updated: Mar. 9, 2021 at 6:15 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - For those who travel on Amarillo’s southwest loop, you will be impacted by a new traffic light coming soon, but for those living at a nearby neighborhood, the light may make it easier and safer as you pull out of the neighborhood.

The new light on Soncy Road and Perry Avenue will go into effect starting March 22.

But you should know the lights will go into a phase of flash mode next weekend before the lights are activated.

“The signal will actually go into a phase of flash mode where it will flash yellow for north and southbound traffic, it’ll flash red for the eastbound traffic coming out of the neighborhood. And we do just to let people know that the signal is now in place and active. That’ll run for about a three-day period and then well actually turn the light on to its functioning red and green, yellow portions on Monday the 22,” said Donny Hooper, the City of Amarillo’s director of public works.

On March 15 and 16, north and southbound traffic will turn into one lane so they can finish construction. You will still be able to travel through, just expect traffic to be slower.

For those two days Perry avenue will be closed, and traffic will be rerouted to Buccola Avenue.

“This move will also help relieve some of the school traffic. We know there’s a new school that’s being built in that area and of course you already have a school that’s there and that’s why the volumes have increased to where they are to warren a traffic signal at that location. So, it is going to benefit for those who live there? Absolutely,” said Hooper.

A Hillside Terrace resident says he’s excited about the light and believes it will help a lot of the congestion during rush time hours and increase the safety of turning out on to a dangerous street.

“We’ve seen a number of accidents. With that its, people are going at a pretty high speed right there. And there’s a couple different lanes that you’re having to watch out for. So certainly, seeing accidents throughout the years there. And then like I mentioned the congestion can get bad. And so, depending on if people create two lanes to turn left and to turn right, you can be waiting for a while, especially in the mornings,” said Russell Lohberger, Hillside Terrace resident.

The Perry avenue light is already up. On Monday, they will begin working on the signal itself and putting up the other pole.

Currently they are in the middle of a drainage construction project that was planned before this project, so that is taking place this week and then next week they will start the construction and activation of the lights.

As far as adding more lights in the area, Hooper says they will continue to monitor the traffic and number of accidents in the area.

He says the traffic is expected to grow with the economic development going on in Southwest Amarillo.

For more information about the project, click here.

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