‘I just want answers’: Dumas Police identifies suspect on fatal shooting

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - On Saturday morning, officers were dispatched to a domestic violence call at the 200 block of North Meredith in Dumas, TX.

Inside, police found 51-year-old Johnny Villegas with a gunshot wound.

“He was eventually transported to Northwest Texas Hospital,” said Ray Resendez, chief of police for Dumas Police Department. “Mr. Villegas died of his injuries the next day, the local JP ordered an autopsy that was performed on Monday.”

According to the victim’s family, the incident took place after a fight between Villegas, his wife and stepdaughter.

“There’s rumors out there saying that they waited for a while before they called 911 and that’s what I want to know,” said Sylvester Villegas, victim’s brother. “You know, was he rendered aid or was he just left there to suffer?”

Although these details have not been confirmed by the police, detectives say they have identified who shot him and recovered the weapon used in the case but have not made an arrest.

“They are being cooperative at the time, so we are just putting this together is kind of a complicated case,” said Chief Resendez. “There’s a lot of people to interview in this case so we want to make sure that we get it right.”

Villega’s brother who also lives in Dumas, describes the victim as a generous man with a temper and says that because of his reputation police may not be giving the investigation the proper attention.

“I feel like the cops aren’t taking it seriously because my brother does have a rep around Dumas for doing certain things and he would state that they would always stop him and search his vehicle, ‘Cause he was in prison,” said Villegas.

The police have not yet revealed the identity of the suspect but believe the community is not in danger.

“I just want answers, I want them, the cops to at least to let my niece know what’s going on,” said Villegas. “‘Cause they are the ones going through this too.’”

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