Kitchen and laundry appliances continue to face shortages during the pandemic

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - If you have been in the hunt for new kitchen appliances, you have probably noticed there’s not much to choose from, unless you are willing to potentially wait months for the specific one you want.

Tyler Andrews has been a real estate investor for five years and says he has never experienced such a wait to get appliances.

“There was one thing I wanted the other day, I think a dishwasher and it would’ve been six to eight weeks to get it,” said Andrews.

For the past year, he’s had to take these delays into consideration when planning a timeline for his projects.

“When the rest of the house is done, we want the appliances to be there, so we can either put the house up for sale or rent it out,” said Andrews. “Definitely have to plan ahead to get all of that to happen at the same time.”

Since last year, the growing demand for appliances has caused shortages within the supply chain.

“We thought it might be people staying at home,” said Greg Fletcher, store manager at Circle N Appliance. “You know, when quarantine first started just wanting to revamp and redo their appliances.”

According to Fletcher, the shortages have been experienced all across the board.

From refrigerators to dryers and washing machines.

“Previously if something were on back order, it’d take about two to three weeks to get to us,” said Fletcher. “Now, I’ve seen stuff take anywhere from three to six months.”

The higher demand for appliances has also made it more difficult to find certain parts for repairs.

“The components are tough to get in because most of our appliances are built here, in the United States but the components come from all over the world and they get stuck in port, border things like that is what we’ve been told,” said Fletcher.

As to when the shortage will end, Fletcher says he’s starting to see slight changes.

However, experts say this could last for another six months.

“Around Christmas our store here, we had about 800 pieces on back order that we had already ordered in that we’re just waiting on. When I pulled my report this morning, we’re down to about 500,” said Fletcher.

If you are in the hunt for new home appliances, you may want to be flexible with the type of product you choose if you want them delivered sooner.

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