New app helps inform rural community of important immediate happenings in area

New app helps inform rural community of important immediate happenings in area

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A new app is helping a rural community in the area to be informed immediately of anything important that is happening.

Keeping a rural community informed about rolling blackouts, COVID-19 testing locations, vaccine availability, and severe weather that is crucial.

“The people of Stratford deserve information in a timely manner,” said Greg Wright, mayor of Stratford.

That is why Wright decided to use COVID-19 funding with the help of Sherman County to launch a new application that could do that.

“We’re very excited as a small community to be one of the first to get some of this big technology out there,” said Wright.

This custom public information and safety app designed by OCV is the first to come to our area.

It allows city officials to send out push notifications to the public regarding weather, crime, events and anything related to COVID-19.

“Having the information, the communication directly from where you are on your app is so critical right now,” said Storey Sherouse, communications strategist for OCV Apps.

So far, Wright says the app has had great feedback from the community and is already showing results.

He says notifying people about their recent vaccine clinic led to a lot of people from the area and elsewhere showing up.

“We’ve even had some people that have downloaded this app and were aware of our vaccine clinic and made the drive up to get their first and second vaccine doses,” said Wright.

Wright says there have been several hundred downloads of the app so far.

It also allows the public to help out city officials as well.

“The features inside of the app allow the citizens to communicate back to the agency, and that is going to be through submitting a tip or whether that is contacting someone directly, finding an email, getting on their website, getting jail information, inmate information, warrant information, really it is endless,” said Sherouse.

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