GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares some good Texas food for those who need home cooked meals

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - In Texas we’re used to brisket and baked beans, but this is going to some people that have not had a home cooked meal in a long time.

During a recent hospital stay, Ron Williams struck up a conversation with some nurses working here in Amarillo but that had been assigned from different parts of the country, he found out that they had gone a long time without any home cooking.

" I’d been in the hospital back in October, with Corona and everything going on and I knew these nurses have been through a lot and been away from their homes. And here I found myself back in the hospital, two weeks ago with some complications and I got to visit with a couple of them and they knew I cooked. So I decided, you know, what better thing I could do is bring them home cooked meal they missing their home,” said Ron Williams, former patient that realizes nurses need assistance to eat healthy food.

It occurred to Ron that most of us nurses just sort of ate on the fly. Grabbing food at the nearest fast food place, and for nearly every meal.

“It’s mostly is to go food or just when I can grab grab a bite here and there. And some of them took lunches but it’s it’s nothing like a home cooked meal. At least I can show them at Texas thank you and welcome with some homemade barbecue,” said Ron.

Ron decided to do just that. Give the nurses a taste of his own home cooking, but not just with any meal, but one that really demonstrated some real Texas style.

“So tell me about this, Texas meal you got for everybody Ron, what you got?” said Dave.

“Got some slow cooked brisket, for probably about 12 hours, and then got some broccoli salad. Homemade baked beans, and then Texas style homemade peach cobbler,” said Ron.

“Peach Cobbler, this sounds like Texas. Pictures of smiling faces reveal how that home cooking was received nurses from Tennessee Louisiana and elsewhere, thoroughly enjoy the Texas cuisine,” said Dave.

“Man, I just eat whatever I can. Sometimes maybe Ramen noodles maybe french fries or McDonald’s. Just always fast food. I have to Uber, to get any type of food. So this home cooked meal. This the best level I can still like being back at home,” said Ron.

“Just some miracle happens when you come and break bread together just like have have a meal you know just, it brings unity and fellowship and I just wanted to bring that to him this morning and, and just send them off with a real good Texas. Thank you for all that they did,” said Ron.

Many people have traveled to Texas to help us out during the pandemic.

They’re being sent off with a Texas home cooked meal, including peach cobbler.

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