Amarillo Zoo offers events for first time since pandemic, featuring new Zoo Tours

VIDEO: Amarillo Zoo offers events for first time since pandemic, featuring new Zoo Tours

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo Zoo is offering community events for the first time since the statewide shutdown, and they are kicking off the season with a new program.

Zoo Tours will allow kids age three and up to take an inside tour of the Amarillo Zoo.

“Guests can expect to lean a lot more information on the animals like their names and ages,” explained Kayla Sell, the Amarillo Zoo’s visitor service specialist. “[They will] learn what exhibit came first here and we just celebrated 65 years here in Amarillo. So diving into that history, diving into the more personal stuff. We will take them behind the scenes are our Herpetarium, which is where our reptiles and amphibians are and see how we take care of our animals in there.”

The Amarillo Zoo is excited to reconnect with the community and even inspire future zookeepers.

“Zoos, historically, have always kind of been on the secretive side. Now zoos are moving towards being more transparent, and we want to follow that suit as well,” said Sell. “We’re just trying to give our visitors a chance to see what zoo keeping really is (and) what it looks like as a zookeeper and really foster those ideas of animals and wildlife and the importance of taking care of them.”

Zoo Tours are offered the first Saturday of each month starting this weekend until August.

The Amarillo Zoo will offer other events yet again such as Spring Break at the Zoo and their Easter Eggcitement.

Rather than reserving a spot on the phone, you can now sign up using the new Amarillo Parks and Recreation’s website.

“The Parks and Rec. Department actually just got a new system called ‘Perfect Mind’ and that it’s allowing all of the departments to be online so now you can actually buy our passes, our memberships, birthday rentals, programs, reservations...all of that is online now, explained Sell. “We’re excited to do that instead of calling and reserving a spot and paying over the phone. We’re in the 21st century.”

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