‘Save Our Seniors’: Efforts to vaccinate homebound seniors in the Panhandle

VIDEO: ‘Save Our Seniors’: Efforts to vaccinate homebound seniors in the Panhandle

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Across the state and at the local level, homebound seniors have become a priority after officials realized many are not physically able to go to the clinics, essentially designed for them.

Here in Amarillo, Meals on Wheels serves over 300 homebound seniors, which is why they are now working with the Amarillo Public Health Department on this effort.

The Meals on Wheels motto is “More than a meal” and now along with delivering meals, they will help with vaccine deliveries.

They are in charge of compiling a list of homebound seniors in the area who have not been able to go out to civic center to receive it.

“We’re creating a list of all of our clients. At the same time, we are getting a lot of phone calls from people who are not our clients, but they are homebound so we have a list of those people started too,” said Susie Akers, executive director for the Amarillo Meals on Wheels.

These seniors can call Meals on Wheels at (806) 374-1521 and give them their name, age, and address to be put on their list.

Once the list has been created, the Amarillo Public Health Department will continue the effort.

“They are going to have a team of nurses go out, probably in the afternoons. We hope maybe get started next week and they are going to go door to door and give our seniors their vaccinations, which is going to be wonderful.” said Akers.

This week, Governor Abbott also announced an initiative called Save our Seniors.

It is very similar to the mobile vaccine clinic for seniors in rural and under-served areas except this one will take the vaccine directly to the senior’s homes.

Every week Texas national guard members will go to different counties. Hutchinson and Gray county are among the first 26 chosen this week.

The registration process will differ as operation decisions are being left to local leaders.

In Hutchinson County, they are also working with their area Meals on Wheels.

“I just told them what I needed. They got on the phone and reached out to all their people and they are even going with the national guard people. So, when they go to their homes people see a familiar face.” said Hutchinson County Judge, Cindy Irwin

They have been allotted 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine and will begin vaccinating this Thursday. At the moment they have about 20 people in Fritch and Stinnett on the list.

Those homebound who are interested in having the vaccine brought to their home, can call the Hutchinson county judge’s office at (806) 878-4000 to be added to the list.

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