Hereford Head Coach Ashley Marquez earns 100th career win, becoming the first in school history

Marquez returns to alma mater where she played for the Whiteface from 2004-08

VIDEO: Hereford Head Coach Ashley Marquez earns 100th career win, becoming the first in school history

HEREFORD, Texas (KFDA) - Confetti, T-shirts and toilet papering a house are not the average celebrations for a high school coach.

“The TP-ing of my house definitely surprised me,” said Hereford Softball Head Coach Ashley Marquez. “The confetti, silly string, all of that. I wasn’t expecting something that big, but I knew something was coming. They went over the top and it was special.”

Marquez earned her 100th career win in her eighth season coaching at her alma mater, becoming the first to do so in school history.

“I think it’s something really big, especially since I’ve been here all four years and I know what we’re capable of. It’s cool to be a part of that,” said senior centerfielder Nayryah Hayes.

“What makes her special is that she doesn’t just care about us on the field, but off the field,” said senior catcher Kayla Vallejo. “She’s also a great role model to us.”

Marquez played softball at Hereford from 2004-08 before attending college at West Texas A&M University.

“Hereford softball kind of died out and went into a deep dark hole after 2009-10, so I just want to come back and bring it back to what we had,” said Marquez. “The last time we made playoffs was in 2007 which was my junior year.”

“She’s been through it, so her teaching us gives me confidence in what she’s telling us and I trust her,” said senior shortstop Xandria Lisciano.

After her first season coaching at Hereford back in 2014, the Whiteface softball squad advanced to playoffs six straight years. Now she’s got an experienced squad with five seniors and three pitchers.

“Hereford softball has become something and it’s getting noticed. I think these younger girls are catching on to it, so it’s like, hey mom, I want to play softball.”

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