Panhandle pregnancy centers see an increase need for diapers during pandemic

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Pregnancy centers in our area are seeing an increase in demand for diapers and other essential items during the pandemic.

With the average baby needing up to 12 diapers a day that adds up to be a major expense on families.

For the last two months, single mother of three Shakira Burks has been receiving diapers for her 11-month-old daughter.

“I’m crying because it really helps a lot,” said Burks while wiping her tears. “Because sometimes I don’t know and they are just there, you know and it’s a blessing.”

She, like dozens of Amarillo mothers has been able to get by with the help of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dumas, which twice a week travels to Amarillo to deliver baskets with essential items for those with a little one at home.

“We just make boxes and then we announce it in our area that hey, if there’s a need and, you know by noon we’re out,” said Monica Sullivan, executive director of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dumas.

After receiving calls from some clients, the center started making door to door deliveries to Amarillo.

“Yesterday we had a delivery in Amarillo and we delivered 40 baskets to 40 different families,” said Sullivan.

Another organization helping families locally is Hope Choice Pregnancy Center.

Last march they started to see an up tick in people needing essential items like diapers, formula and clothes for babies.

To better help the community, they decided to postpone limiting the number of times that people could ask for assistance, which is normally once a month.

“Some people are out of work or they are reduced hours,” said Blake Moore, director of operations at Hope Choice Pregnancy Center. “Some people can’t get to work and so, I think that the need has just increased overall for essentials.”

One center that’s not only coping with a higher demand for its services but also a dealing with a drop in funds is Borger Care Net Pregnancy Center.

According to their Executive Director, Elia Smith they have seen a 15 percent increase in the demand for baby items and more of a 50 percent decline in funds.

If you would like to help any of these centers, you can do so by donating money or essential items like diapers, formula, wipes, baby clothes up to size 4-T and maternity clothes.

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