Many Amarillo contractors working on Amazon warehouse site

Here are the many businesses working on million-square foot warehouse site.

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The massive construction to build a million-square foot warehouse for Amazon in Amarillo is underway and work continues around the clock.

Fuller & Sons construction in Amarillo was hired by the general contractor (Willmeng) to be the civil engineer on site who handles a majority of the dirt work.

Fuller & Sons will also farm out some other projects such as plumbing and fencing.

Some contractors from Amarillo working on the site include A-1 Rocket, Joe the Plumber, Victory Rock, Alpha Pavement, The Alamo Brothers and Barricades Unlimited, which is Lubbock based with an office to Amarillo.

“We’ve grabbed on to local sub-contractors to help fulfill everything. The majority of what we’re using is all in and around Amarillo,” said Josh Fuller, president of Fuller & Sons in Amarillo.

They also bought field material that is going under the building from a local pit owner. When they were importing all of the dirt, they were using up to 50 local trucks a day to hall in material.

A-1 Rocket Industry President Ryan Zimmer says this is probably one of the biggest fencing projects they’ve ever worked on.

“It was a pretty intense deal. We were building fence for about 7 full days to get all that set up. Moving some stuff, making sure that we were ready to go really before they really started bringing in all the employees to the job site... When the fence jobs come in, usually me and 2 or 3 other guys can get a job done in a couple days. But like I said, I was having to pull my guys off of other jobs and out of the shop and we were pretty much working from sun up to sun down for over a week,” said Zimmer.

Fuller says the winter storm interfered with construction, and now they are making up for the lost time to get back on schedule.

“Right now, on site we’ve got two utility crews, we’ve got two dirt crews; we’ve got then all of our offsite operations, which are kind of our support operations with mechanics and fuel trucks and deliveries. Then, we’ve got our concrete subs on site, we’ve got our boring subs that just finished up a bore for us. So, this is seven days a week from start to the end,” said Fuller.

There are some out of town contractors working on the site as well. Willmeng Construction Inc. is the general contractor company overseeing the project, and they are from Phoenix, Arizona.

Willmeng and Fuller & Sons have been working together to hire as many local equipment, material and utility suppliers in the area that they can.

Amazon has not officially announced the warehouse, but construction has been moving quickly with plans to be finished by this October. We’ll continue to follow this project closely.

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