Amarillo and Potter County officials discuss further development ideas about Tri-State Fairgrounds

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo and Potter County officials met this morning to discuss ideas for a plan that aims to bring economic development to the southeast area.

The project would make a Tri-State Exposition Master Plan, which would encourage tourism.

“That helps our property taxpayers,” said Amarillo Mayor, Ginger Nelson during an interview with The Chat. “We can reduce what property taxpayers pay to support city operations by increasing our sales tax and increasing what we collect on hotel occupancy tax.”

By adding more resources to that portion of town, the city believes it will also help improve the quality of life not just for Amarillo but for the Texas Panhandle.

“A benefit to the residents and the business owners of that part of town by redeveloping that side of town, so that’s the vision behind it,” said Mayor Nelson.

Plan partners include the Amarillo Independent School District, Potter County, the Amarillo-Potter Events Venue District and the Tri-State Expo Board of Directors, all whom own property there.

“There are several different entities that want to see something happen there,” said Potter County judge, Nancy Tanner.

To help narrow proposed ideas, Judge Tanner says they are considering hiring a consultant for which most of the entities would help pay for.

“I’m not terribly sure that’s the right thing to do right now since we have so many ideas floating around out there,” said Judge Tanner. “The city wants to do that so does the venue district and the Tri-State Fair, everybody wants to see what the best plan would be so that’s probably what we’re going to do, hire a professional.”

The plan is still in its visionary stages.

The estimated cost of the master plan is $150,000 to $200,000.

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