GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave congratulates Walt Howard for being inducted to Amarillo High School Hall of Fame

Updated: Feb. 25, 2021 at 10:05 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Like all high schools, students graduate from Amarillo high every year and then embark on journeys that lead to careers.

Once every year, a committee from Amarillo high, looks at the careers of former students and recognizes notable accomplishments with induction into the Sandie Hall of Fame.

“They have to have obviously gone to Amarillo high, and they have to have graduated more than 10 years ago, but more than that they have to have served their community and had some accomplishments and accolades, that would that would warrant recognition. We’ve had an astronaut, we’ve had, you know, journalists and and different things like that that have that have been honored that that we’re proud that represent AHS,” said Stephanie Trevatha.

We’re coming up on 46 years ago that the class of 1975 graduated.

One of those graduates was Walt Howard. Looking back, Walt shares the aspirations he remembers as a young graduate.

“Well my plans and aspirations were to do what I’m doing right now, in fact I was 10 years old when I knew what I wanted to do with my life. But that doesn’t mean that all high school students necessarily have to feel that way, there’s plenty of time to find your calling,” said Walt.

Walt was inducted into the Amarillo high Sandie Hall of Fame this week recognized for his 40 year career as a journalist at NewsChannel10.

“It’s an honor to have such a great representative that’s already out in the community and representing the community well he’s been in journalism for 40 years he’s just been representing our community at just such a high standard for so long as a really proud honor for us to be able to present that to him,” said Stephanie.

Reflecting on the Hall of Fame honor, Walt hopes the recognition serves to encourage and inspire future graduates.

“When I speak before civic groups, I always tell them I’m the luckiest guy ever because I get to do what I love, where I love. So, if you want to go see the world and find yourself do so. But think about coming back to Amarillo because you’ll never find a better home,” said Walt.

“It kind of brought tears to my eyes when he got up and shared just the impact that AHS had made and that he had met his wife here and you know that not only he represents AHS but that he was proud to have gone to AHS as well,” said Stephanie.

“There are so many great people who are in the Hall of Fame one of my classmates was Rick husband so being in there with him is quite the honor and if you go to the Amarillo high and you take a look at all the names up there, you know that they are people who’ve really influenced the community not just through their careers, but also through their public service and their community work. So it’s a tremendous honor to be included among them,” said Walt.

Congratulations Walt. Thanks for making Amarillo high proud. Thanks for your career here in Amarillo keeping everybody informed for decades. And for inspiring students today to go follow their aspirations.

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