Amarillo plumbers keep up with high demand as many pipes are now thawing

VIDEO: Amarillo plumbers stay busy after the storm

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Water leak problems continue as many pipes are thawing from the rising temperatures.

Amarillo plumbing businesses are still not finished from fixing all the problems that started Friday when the weather started to warm up causing a lot of water leaks and property damage.

“Lots of homes being destroyed with water leaks unfortunately. This was probably one of the worst winters I’ve ever seen out being in the trade and it has caused a lot of heartache and grief so it’s sad seeing so many people’s homes. We weren’t even ready for it, that’s the bad part, we were not ready for a winter like this,” said BJ Tijerina, owner of Route 66 Plumbing.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of, once they’ve been thawing out, they’ve created leaks and so were having to go search for leaks and under permian homes and the walls and everything to locate the leaks and get them repaired,” said Rod Blair, plumbing supervisor at SCOTTCO.

“Some businesses are about a week out from fixing all the major issues and will hopefully start to fix the minor issues by the end of this week into the next.”

Some plumbers are only taking emergency calls at the moment to help keep up with the high demand.

“Really the ones were getting too is if it’s actually causing damage inside the house, those are being prioritized. We’re trying to get to everybody we can. Normal regular plumbing issues, water heaters and all that, but obviously priorities get people water so that way they can get back to functioning how they should and not ruining their home, so that’s what we’re focusing on,” said Tijerina.

“We’re taking all calls, were focusing on the emergency ones, but we are taking care of the people that have drain stoppages and all that, we’re taking care of all our customers,” said Blair.

“Sometimes the repairs go quick, and we can, ‘Hey we got time here, let’s get you in real quick.’ So, it’s really a gamble you know,” said Tijerina.

Plumbers suggests you prepare now for potential issues that could happen during the next winter event, like figuring out if you have any cracks in the foundation or any vents that need to be fixed.

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