Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare welcomes new Director who believes communication is key

VIDEO: Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare welcomes new Director who believes communication is key

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Although new to animal management, Victoria Medley, has been working for the City of Amarillo for 19 years. Many of those years spent in the court services department.

She says she is very familiar with the history of the shelter and through the years has worked with several past directors.

“With that I have been able to grasp and say okay this is what I have known has been an issue and this is what I know we can work on,” said Victoria Medley, director at Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

Medley adds communication is going to be key in this case.

“To communicate, work as one, is one of the things we have really been focusing on. I think it is going to bring us the biggest benefit and bring the community the biggest benefit. I think it will be really successful.” said Medley.

She explains her goal is to have the three departments that make up the shelter along with the local rescues be on the same page.

The local rescue, Gracie’s Project, was included in a recent meeting the shelter had with these organizations, and agrees.

“The communication, I think that has been a struggle between a lot of the rescues and the Amarillo shelter, is that the communication just has not been there,” said Stacia Merriett, rescue specialist with Gracie’s Project. “They feel like a lot of the times they are not heard and rescues are huge here in Amarillo, and that could be the best partnership we could have with the shelter.”

They both say they know it is not going to happen overnight, but realize they have one common goal of saving as many animals as they can.

“It has always been kind of ‘welp’ they went to the pound situation and you know there is no positivity when somebody mentions the pound. That is what we are hoping the new director could help with, is change that to some positivity to get us some things that are going out.” said Merriett.

Medley adds another goal they are focusing on is education. They hope by educating the community, the levels of animal neglect will go down.

“And so, if a person gets some citations, they can take this class in lieu of fines and educate them on laws because some people just don’t understand what are the expectations or the reality of owning a pet,” said Medley.

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