Dumas organization provides service to many people impacted by winter storm

What kind of need they’re seeing from the community.

VIDEO: Dumas organization helping those impacted by the weather

DUMAS, Texas (KFDA) - Hand in Hand Consultations and Outreach Services usually serves around 25 to 50 people weekly. This week that number spiked to 250 people.

Before the winter storm, the organization was helping people impacted by COVID-19 but now that need has shifted.

Some people they’re serving are people who they normally wouldn’t serve as many are without running water or electricity for the time being.

The items people have mostly been asking for are blankets and water.

“Hopefully today, you know, we’ll have some more blankets and get them out to people because I know that probably half of our town is still frozen. We were told that the plumbers are like three weeks out, so you know, people with busted pipes, and of course the city is going to have to shut that off, so you know, water and warm clothes is what we’re mostly needing right now,” said Patricia Moore, Hand in Hand Consultations and Outreach Services.

“You can just see from one week to the next that our cabinets were bare, they were completely bare. And then we were blessed that people started to come in that were able to share some of their resources that they had,” said Monica Loya, certified specialist in immigration filing at Hand in Hand Consultations and Outreach Services.

This week the organization has provided services like doing laundry for people without water, providing hot meals, allowing people to take hot showers at their facility, delivering propane gas to people living in RV’s, allowing kids use their Wi-Fi to do school work and much more.

“A lot of the students from the colleges are coming in and saying we are college students, we are full time students and we eat at the colleges or the Universities, but now because we were depending on that, now we need the boxes of food. We need the water, just the gallons of water, the small blankets. And you would say, well maybe we can get you an electric blanket, you don’t have electricity, you can’t plug in an electric blanket,” said Loya.

Since the situation has impacted people who they normally don’t serve, the need is greater and they need help from the community to keep up with the high demand.

Some donations the organization is asking for is blankets, any type of winter clothing, water, food, laundry detergent, dog food and monetary donations.

The organization serves in Amarillo and many counties around Dumas, so they would appreciate any donations so they can continue to provide service.

If you’re someone who needs help or you want to donate, they suggest contacting them at any time as they try to be available 24/7.

The best way to reach them is through their Facebook page or calling them at (806) 421-9991.

They would also appreciate any donations made to their GoFundMe page.

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