Amarillo businesses face problems due to severe weather

VIDEO: Amarillo businesses face problems due to severe weather

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - An Amarillo restaurant Manager says they are just lucky to have dry floors to stand on today.

The restaurant was supposed to be closed yesterday, but an employee went in just to do some cleaning and noticed there was a leak.

He called his boss to alert him when all of a sudden, the leak turned into a waterfall.

The employee realized a water pipe had burst and in a matter of minutes the dining area had an ankle deep of water.

Other employees showed up to help, and with a mop and two squeegees they spent over an hour sweeping out the water.

“We are just happy it didn’t go unchecked because it could have frozen here, we could have literally gotten an ice rink which could have done damage to the walls,” said Christian Van Note, Bar and Restaurant manager at Yellow City Street Food.

Later on, a plumber was able to fix their pipe. As if that was not enough, today again employees arrived at the shop to receive their food shipment and realized something else was wrong.

“We already weren’t going to open because we were going to do some repairs with what happened yesterday, and we discovered the water main in the back had blown,” said Van Note “So thankfully, that is outside the restaurant but that also puts us a step behind in just getting back to operational status, just getting everything flowing.”

The city has since fixed the water main break, but the restaurant decided to stay closed today to do their part in conserving energy.

Van Note said if staying closed helps someone stay warm then that is what they will do.

On the other hand, the rolling power outages also affected area businesses including Palace Coffee Co. At around seven this morning when baristas walked into two of their three locations, there was no power.

The employees waited in their cars for an hour to an hour and half until the power came back on.

“We had a few people waiting outside and when the power did pop back on, when we were able to open the doors and get stuff started. We welcomed them and said ‘You are welcome to sit inside, it will be cooler outside, so you can stay warm in here while we open up and get our coffee brewing,” said Robert Auth, director of Retail for Palace Coffee Company.

He says thankfully when they checked, none of their ingredients had gone bad.

The store had changed its hours to make sure employees could get to work safely and were not rushing, but this was an unexpected situation they just had to work through.

Both Auth and Van Note say after everything that the businesses have gone through in 2020, there is nothing that could bring them down and this weather is just another hurdle.

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