Brutal Cold

Weather with Cameron Venable 2/14

We ended up with about 3-6 inches of snow across the area. Banding was pretty limited but spots in heavier snow bands saw about 5-6 inches of snow. Now that our snow event is done, we are turning our focus to the overnight low temperatures. Tonight looks mostly cloudy but we should see clearing, if we see widespread clearing, we will flirt with near record lows. For now it seems our area could see lows as low as -10F. With our entire area starting below zero, Monday will struggle to warm. We should see the best warming across the SW Panhandle, possibly 20s. Amarillo & the Central areas look to stay in the teens & our NE friends in the single digits. On top of the brutal cold, wind chill values will continue to be as low as thirty below zero!

We are also watching our next snow event for Tuesday night, for now it looks like better snow dynamics are present for the NE Panhandle. It’s too early to talk totals, but we are watching it closely.