Brutal Cold & Snow Chances

Weather with Cameron Venable 2/13

Well like most snow events, this one has been a headache. It’s interesting that this snow event by no means is a homerun however models keep churning out high snow amounts. It is quite apparent our storm system responsible for the snow is taking a very SE track which means heavier snow will be favored South. However, this is an Arctic air mass, possibly the coldest since 2011. It will not take much water to produce snow & this storm has a lot of moisture. Snow looks like a pretty good bet, several inches of windblown snow. We will see higher amounts in snow bands but it’s very hard to predict the exact location of these bands. Snow should start late tonight & persist through much of Sunday. Besides the snow, it will be very cold. Temperatures in the single digits & teens with wind chills as low as 30 below zero! Stay warm friends!