Over 2 million people received at least first dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Texas

VIDEO: Over 2 million people received at least first dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Texas

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Out of the 30 million population Texas has, so far, about 1.7 million have received the first dose and around 370,000 others have received both doses.

That means over 2 million people have been given a vaccine since the state began distributions seven weeks ago.

Texas was also the first state in the country to administer over 1 million doses. It reached 1 million vaccines administered within the first five weeks of distribution and reached the 2 million mark two weeks after.

So far, Texas has over 2,400 vaccine providers.

In the past three weeks the state has focused on allocating doses to hubs around the state but, they said this coming week they will not be opening up any new hubs and will instead ramp up allocations to pharmacies and other providers.

Vaccine distribution across Texas is also expected to pick up in the coming weeks.

“We will see an increase in the number of doses coming to the state here in the next week,” said Imelda Garcia, associate commissioner of Laboratory and Infectious Disease Services for DSHS “Our recurring allocation of first doses will go up from about 300 and 33,000 for this week to 300 and 85,000 for next week.”

They are also expecting a one time boost of about 126,000 doses that had been set aside for the federal long-term care program. Because they overestimated, this surplus was given back to states and in Texas it is going out to general providers next week.

So far, Garcia says one out of every 13 Texans have been vaccinated, but says there is still a long way to go.

Phase 1B opened shortly after Phase 1A, where it has stayed for weeks.

The timeline for when the next phase opens depends on how much vaccine there is available and how many more people in the Phase 1A and 1B categories still have to be vaccinated.

So far, one out of six people over the age of 65 have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“We do expect to have another blended transition where we would have 1B and 1C or phase 2 eligible next but, that is something we are talking through,” said Garcia

She adds they are monitoring the vaccine provider information to see when administration among those groups begins to dwindle down.

Garcia also acknowledged some of the people from out of Texas who have received the vaccine in the state.

“We really want to focus on the people who are living and working here. So, if you live in new mexico but come to work in Lubbock or Amarillo, we want you to be vaccinated,” said Garcia.

As the effort to receive more vaccine continues, the state is also seeing over 2 million active cases.

Meanwhile, officials say they are working to better distribute the vaccine to reach all areas of the state, including rural communities.

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