‘I was shocked’: Woman shares story of relationship with former Stinnett police chief facing criminal charges

Updated: Jan. 28, 2021 at 10:18 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A woman’s post claiming she was involved with the former Stinnett Police Chief, Jason Collier sparked an investigation leading to Collier’s arrest and resignation as Police Chief.

The DPS arrested Jason Collier Thursday and booked him into the Hutchinson County Jail.

Sgt. Cindy Barkley says he is accused of sending a text message with a fraudulent government record attached, which was a fraudulent marriage annulment sent to one of his girlfriends.

He is now out on bond, which was set at $10,000.

It all started with a picture, when Cecily was ready and happy to make her relationship official by sharing it to her family and friends on Facebook.

Cecily went to sleep that night, not thinking that post would turn everything into a nightmare for her.

“I woke up the next morning to a text from a very good friend. She said ‘Okay I know where I know him from’, she said ‘I am friends with his wife on Facebook.’ I was completely shocked,” said Cecily Steinmetz

She could not believe it since they have spent so much time together.

Jason had met her family, had their picture up in his office, and even went as far as asking her to pick out an engagement ring.

“I asked him, ‘How could you do this? You just met my family? So why are you doing this?’ and he said ‘No babe no, do you think I would actually meet your family an your kids if I wasn’t serious or if I was married?’ and then again made me feel bad for questioning him,” said Cecily.

She confronted him about the marriage and he claimed he was divorced. He even showed her a document saying it was the annulment.

After she made a public record request, she found out it was a fake document and that is what began an investigation and ultimately led to his arrest.

“With his position, again I felt a large amount of trust due to his position,” said Cecily.

She decided to end the relationship and move on, but says she later found out he had also been dating another women while he was with her.

“I would never dream that there was a whole other woman, a whole other person that he was engaged to,” said Cecily.

She says she did not think it was right for the Chief of Police to feel so comfortable lying and decided to post her story on Facebook. Little did she know at least seven other women would also claim they were in a relationship with him.

We have reached out to Collier several times in the past day but have not received a response.

Cecily says she is sharing her story to prevent this happening to other women and is just grateful her friend had her back and told her the truth no matter how hard it was for her.

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