Amarillo vet hospitals experience increase of owners keeping up with their pet check ups

Why doctors have been seeing this throughout the pandemic.

VIDEO: Amarillo pet hospitals see increase of people bringing in their animals

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - With more people at home spending time with their animals, Amarillo vets are seeing an increase of pets come in.

Amarillo vets say families are noticing more problems with their pets that they normally wouldn’t have noticed if they weren’t spending as much time with their animals.

The rise in pet adoptions have played a part in more vet visits.

Amarillo animal hospitals started seeing the increase around one to two months into the pandemic.

“Our business has gone up some in part I think because people are either having to, not go to work, their locked down. Initially that was the big thing, everybody was locked down and only essential businesses could be opening like that. So, a lot of people were staying home. And their spending more time with their dog and all of a sudden, their dogs muscle sore, because he’s the excuse to go walk,” said Dr. Merten Pearson, veterinarian at Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital.

Dr. Pearson says people were noticing their pet’s sickness earlier which is good for the pet and the doctors since they are able to treat the pet earlier on in their illness.

“Dogs that were sick and my feeling is that honestly they came in earlier because they picked it up earlier because they were around the dog more and realized quicker that their dog had a problem. And that’s really nice because if you can get ahead of an illness, if you can get there early, it’s so much easier to turn them around then if you wait and let them get sicker and sicker and sicker and then finally give up and come in,” said Dr. Pearson.

He also says they have seen more maintenance visits like regular check ups, nail trimming, dental work and pet shots.

“We saw an increase of seeing patients especially in the beginning, the first few months of the pandemic. There were, I believe people had a lot more time. So, they were able to bring their pets in whether it be things that they needed before, they were home more often. So, they were definitely noticing things that needed to be checked out,” said Natasha Ojeda, office manager for High Plains Veterinary Clinic.

High Plains Vet Clinic expects to see another increase when summer approaches as more people will be at home again with their pets.

“We definitely saw an increase March, April, May of 2020. Normally summer months are busy anyway, but with the pandemic it was a very large increase. And it’s starting to go back down to normal in the beginning of the year, but it’ll probably start to increase back up,” said Ojeda.

Dr. Pearson also says with people wanting to get out of their house and take their dog for more walks than it’s use to, has played a part in their pets developing muscle sore problems.

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