Amarillo Public Health to begin delivering 2nd doses of COVID-19 vaccines next week

VIDEO: Amarillo Public Health to begin delivering 2nd doses of COVID-19 vaccines next week

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo Public Health Department will begin giving second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to the first recipients of the vaccination next week.

In a public news conference this morning, Casie Stoughton, director of Amarillo Public Health, said the department has given nearly 23,000 doses of the vaccine since the clinic at the Amarillo Civic Center opened late last month.

Those who received their first vaccination when the clinic opened in December are asked to bring their vaccination card to the clinic for their second dose.

“There’s a minimum of 28 days for the second doses. Bring your card with will speed up the process for you,” said Stoughton.

As of today, Stoughton said the vaccination clinic has nearly used up their current supply of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The current status of vaccine availability can be viewed here.

During the conference, area health experts said numbers continue to decline when it comes to positive test rates, hospitalizations and Intensive Care Unit stays for COVID-19 patients.

BSA reached a peak number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, over 200, in the fall.

Dr. Michael Lamanteer, chief medical officer at BSA, said there are 90 COVID-19 patients in the hospital today.

“That’s down substantially over where we’ve been over the past couple of weeks and couple of months,” said Dr. Lamanteer. “Things look like they are pointing in the right direction in terms of numbers going down slowly.”

Of the 90 patients with COVID-19 hospitalized at BSA, 39 of those patients are in the Intensive Care Unit.

At Northwest Texas Hospital, 55 COVID-19 patients are in the ICU.

The Amarillo VA is caring for 11 veterans hospitalized due to COVID-19, six of whom are in the ICU.

Though he expressed positivity in regard to the declining number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, Dr. Lamanteer said the community should keep using precautions to protect against the virus.

“Complications from COVID-19 have been significant,” he said. “People are getting clotting disorders...sepsis.”

The City of Amarillo continues to provide drive-thru COVID-19 tests.

To be directed to the drive-thru facility for testing, call the department at (806) 378-6300.

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