‘It was considered child pornography’: Walmart flags mothers newborn picture

VIDEO: ‘It was considered child pornography’: Walmart flags mothers newborn picture

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Meika Large says she placed a picture order, like she has done hundreds of times.

Naturally, she thought picking them up would be a quick transaction.

However, when she got there, the employee at the Walmart Photo Center spread out all the images on the counter and began going through them with her.

The situation, she says, just got stranger from there.

“I had about five different new born pictures and half of them he barely had clothes on, because well they are newborn pictures,” said Meika Large, the mother of the baby “She went through all of them and only picked that one and said she couldn’t sell it to me because it was considered child pornography.”

She has printed similar pictures of her other children before and could not understand why this was happening as the image did not show any private parts and it was obvious it was her child as she had him in her arms at the moment of the incident.

Large says there was no signs in the Walmart or anything that could indicate this was a policy.

She adds that other customers could hear the conversation and she didn’t feel comfortable with her pictures being displayed on the counter.

She didn’t want to argue as she had her kids with her but, was left feeling uneasy that the employee kept the picture.

“I didn’t see how it was reasonable not to give me the picture. I didn’t know what she was going to do with the picture, like she didn’t show me she was ripping it up or anything and then she just checked me out,” said Large.

Newschannel10 reached out to the Walmart in Canyon, which is where the incident happened, who then refereed us to their corporate staff.

Rebecca Thomason, senior manager for Corporate Communications responded “Our policy is simply to not print photos with nudity. If the photo is printed, it is destroyed and not available for purchase by the customer.”

The photographer who took the images says she was also shocked by the events as these types of pictures are very common with newborns.

A professor of sociology at the University of Texas says he believes this could be a first amendment violation from the company.

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