Amarillo residents share what changed their minds about receiving vaccine

Panhandle residents share what changed their minds about receiving vaccine

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo residents who were originally against receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and are now changing their minds.

Some people say the possible long-term side effects and the quick design of the vaccine are why they were skeptical about taking it.

“It was developed awfully quick and I think that everyone was worried about what type of side effects that may or may not present,” said Gene Wells, who received the vaccine on Monday.

“What’s it going to do to you ten years down the road,” said Jack Bullard, who is planning on receiving the vaccine in a few weeks.

“It would have been nice if they would of had more testing, but I can understand why they didn’t,” said Trent Carroll, who received the vaccine Monday.

It just took one area doctor who’s experienced 20 COVID-19 deaths to tell them that he didn’t want them to be next.

“I have lost so many patients and I did not want to lose anymore if there’s a vaccine that could help,” said Dr. Nam Do, internal medical specialist at Amarillo Medical Specialists.

Do says he goes out of his way to encourage the five percent of his patients skeptical about receiving the vaccine to get it, sometimes calling in the middle of the night.

“If I can take three minutes to explain the science aspect of the vaccine in a laymen term, that one life that I can save and that one life that will save so many other lives around so that three minutes is very critical to me,” said Do.

“He told my wife, said this could be life or death and he needs to get down there and take the vaccine, well I hadn’t been quite that serious about it so, after he said that, it got my attention a little,” said Bullard.

Dr. Nam Do also encouraged them by telling them they could be risking the lives of those around them.

“I’ve watched too many people close to me struggle with this and like I said lost friends and family and I don’t want to lose anymore so, I think its there to seriously consider,” said Wells.

“I have grandsons that I want to spend time with and I don’t want them to get sick and I want to be around to play with them,” said Carroll.

Just like Dr. Nam Do convinced them, they are now advocating others to take it.

“It’s so much more helpful to talk to a professional, than it is to get your information on social media,” said Carroll.

“The only side effect I have is a soar arm,” said Wells.

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