Girl Scout Cookie season begins, features new ‘Toast-Yay’ cookie

VIDEO: Girl Scout Cookie season begins, features new ‘Toast-Yay’ cookie

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains kick off cookies sales today, featuring the organization’s first new cookie in four years.

The new ‘Toast-Yay’ cookie is cinnamon french-toast flavored and dipped in icing.

Beyond offering the community tasty treats, Girl Scout Cookie season benefits local girls by teaching them important business and communication skills.

“I believe doing cookies are helping the girls,” said Jennifer Auburg, produce program and retail coordinator for GS-TOP. “Inspiring them to lead a business. [To] do whatever they want in the community. I know it’s helped my daughter with her communications growing up in Girl Scouts. It’s helped her make friends and not be shy.”

The funds raised through cookie sales stay in the area, helping girls go to camp and complete service projects.

“We are able to offer programs for girls and camps,” explained Auburg. “If we didn’t have the support of the cookies we wouldn’t be able to provide that benefit for the girls, and they learn STEM activities and outdoor activities. So there’s lots of things that they can do.”

Girl Scouts say these programs have changed their lives by teaching them valuable leadership skills.

“Girl Scout Camp is great for friendships because you get to meet a bunch of new people that you normally wouldn’t be able to meet,” said Girl Scout Abigail Newlon. “You get to experience things you usually wouldn’t get to experience. I went to horse camp and I wouldn’t normally be able to be around as many horses as I was...that was rally fun for me.”

Last year, Newlon’s troupe was able to renovate a building with the money raised.

“We took some of the money that we earned during cookie sales and it helped us buy supplies for our silver project out at the craft house at Camp K. We took out all of the shelves and sanded them and repainted them. We built an entire new cabinet. We just kind of spruced it up because it was looking kind of run down,” explained Newlon.

To purchase Girl Scout cookies, troupes will be outside of supermarkets such as United and Walmart, as well as other local businesses.

The Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains has also begun a new partnership with Grubhub.

In Amarillo, you can order cookies for pickup or delivery on or on the Grubhub app.

The scouts will manage and package all online orders using Grubhub’s back-end technology.

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