Vitamin sales increase continues, mixed opinions if it can prevent or treat COVID-19

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Since march of last year, Panhandle pharmacies started to see a spike in the demand for vitamins D, D and Zinc supplements.

“I bet our sales on immune support vitamins are up probably a good 200 percent,” said Mark Vogler, owner of Martin-Tipton Pharmacy.

As many people seek for ways to improve their immune health to prevent or fight COVID-19.

“They recommend the vitamin C but also the vitamin D,” said Ramesh Aludandi, pharmacist tech at Amarillo Pharmacy. “So, a lot of people who have been diagnosed with the COVID, they are very low level on the vitamin D so, that’s why they recommend them to take the vitamin D.”

“Doctors have recommended patients that are already diagnosed with COVID to start those vitamins to help boost that immune system even though they are already infected,” said Vogler.

According to the CDC, certain vitamins and minerals like the ones already mentioned, can affect how our immune system works to fight off infections, as well as inflammation and swelling.

Dietary supplements aren’t meant to treat or prevent COVID-19. Certain vitamins and mineralsexternal icon (e.g., Vitamins C and D, zinc) may have effects on how our immune system works to fight off infections, as well as inflammation and swelling.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

However, when asked about the effectiveness of these vitamins against COVID-19, Amarillo’s infectious disease specialist, John Scott Milton expressed some skepticism.

“I have never seen any guidance that would be convincing that was helpful,” said Dr. Milton.

Researchers agree that the best way to obtain these nutrients is through food.

If you are considering taking vitamins or dietary supplements, talk with your pharmacist, registered dietitian, or other healthcare provider before taking.

Amarillo Pharmacy is currently offering free COVID-19 test, if you would to register call: (800) 451-7479.

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